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As we age, our bodies encounter different changes, some for the better, while some, well, not so much. Our skin sags, we gain extra pounds, have wrinkles, and a lot more. Those affected by these unwanted body modifications resort to changing their lifestyle and engaging in active exercise partnered by a healthy diet just to get back in shape, some just can’t seem to bring back their old selves. This frustration builds up and affects their self-confidence and outlook in life. At this point, plastic surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery procedures like a tummy tuck, becomes very enticing.  Well, if you are one of these people who tried almost everything except going under the knife, read on and discover what you need to expect from a tummy tuck before and after the procedure.


Tummy Tuck Surgery: A Brief Overview

To discuss your expectations about the tummy tuck before and after the procedure, we must first consider what tummy tuck is all about, and what it is not about.

Abdominoplasty (the medical term for a tummy tuck) is a plastic surgery procedure that men and women prefer to flatten their abdomen and allow them to lose unwanted fat and skin in that region. Plastic surgeons determine the amount excess fat and skin that you need to lose, then surgically cut them off your body and tighten up the muscles. This surgical procedure makes your abs tighter and firmer as a result.


Types of Abdominoplasty


Full or Complete Tummy Tuck

This is the traditional or classic type of tummy tuck that addresses the removal of excess abdominal skin and fat above and below the navel. The whole procedure would require a long incision from hip to hip and a circular cut to free off the navel so that after the procedure, it can be repositioned to fit the newly-shaped abs.


Mini tummy tuck

As the name implies, this mini version of the abdominoplasty addresses the excess fat and skin below the navel. This procedure is for those people who have a ‘muffin top,’ whose fat concentration settled under the navel. Because the target site is limited, you can expect that the incision will also be shorter than that of the complete tummy tuck, and your navel would not need to be repositioned.


Extended tummy tuck

tummy tuck expectations

Now, if your love handles extend to your back, and excess fats and skin are found on your flank and thighs, maybe an extended abdominoplasty is the right choice for you. It is an extensive procedure that requires a longer incision that can make the fats and skin of the abdomen and flanks accessible. This type of tummy tuck is often used by women who underwent several pregnancies or people who generally lost a lot of weight.



Things To Know About Tummy Tuck Before And After the Surgery

There are a lot of interest and questions that abdominoplasty has garnered over the years. We are here to shed some light on some of the things people expect from this procedure to correct any misconceptions and to reiterate the facts.


The Tummy tuck procedure is for everyone

Unfortunately, no. Doctors should assess your condition first to determine if you are a good candidate for this major cosmetic procedure. You have to be essentially healthy and have no pre-existing heart or blood disorders that may affect your health during and after the surgery. Women who would also like to undergo a tummy tuck procedure should make sure that they are done with extending their family. This is because there might be problems when the surgically reshaped abdominal muscles and skin get stretched during pregnancy.


Tummy tuck surgery can make you lose weight

In a sense, yes. Because you are removing part of your abdominal skin and fats, you may lose some extra pounds off your weight. However, it is a big misconception that getting a tummy tuck is the ideal procedure to lose weight. We hate to burst your bubble, but undergoing this procedure will affect very little of your weight. That is why we also recommend patients to lose all their excess fats and become at least just a few pounds away from their ideal or target weight before doing this procedure.


Remember that tummy tuck is a major cosmetic operation

tummy tuck restrictions and limitationsYou might think that making your abs flat and saying goodbye to your stubborn tummy fat is simple and easy. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires general anaesthesia and may take a few weeks to months for you to fully recover. Talk to your doctor about the work and activity restrictions that you need to follow, and ask for his advice on the best way for you to return back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible.


So, are you still thinking about getting your abdominoplasty? Contact us now at (07) 3088 7722  so our reliable surgeons and doctors can help you get acquainted with the procedure and make a customised treatment plan especially for you.

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